About Us

        We are a small community of Christians seeking to grow in discipleship and faith in the Lord.  Collectively we do this by consciously seeking opportunities to be faithful to the Great Commandment through a spirit of generosity and gratitude.  The Great Commandment has two parts: 1. Love of God and 2. Love of Neighbor.  We actively honor the first part, which we understand as building God’s Kingdom by supporting the Church and Diocese, keeping the Church in good repair, participating in youth education (Vacaion Bibile School) and adult prayeer and study.  We donate to support mission efforts especially in the diocese and youth programs.
        We actively honor the second part of the Great Commandment, love of Neighbor, by actively giving in several ways.  We have an emergency food panty and weekly collect foods and donate to the Whitehall Food Pantry.  We host a Free Community Friendship Luncheon on the second Tuesday of each month.  We sponsor student projects at the high school and supply needy students with school supplies and other necessities.  We send gifts for disaster relief, and actively seek to contribute to worthy causes as we find them.